Irish Political Pamphlets Digitization Policy

For this project, all of the pamphlets will be scanned as images. As these pamphlets were created to be passed around, and the goal was to make them accessible to a larger audience, by only showing the text of the items, something is lost. The ability of the user to look at the items in their original form is important to the understanding of the pamphlets themselves.

The documents in this project will be scanned in color as 600 dpi TIFF files. As we are putting the files through the scanning process already, it is worthwhile to scan at preservation quality, since we have the capability and the storage space. As this project is associated with the Archives of Irish America/Tamiment, storage space will be provided on their servers, and the preservation-quality scans will be provided to AIA. The relatively small number of items in the collection will also help, because it won't require a lot of storage space (relative to other, larger collections). The file names of the scanned images will be the number assigned to each pamphlet at the selection stage.

Once the TIFF scans of the images are checked and approved, a copy of the image will be made and scaled down to a 300 dpi JPEG. While 300 dpi is still relatively high for a website, its important for users to be able to zoom in on various parts of the pamphlets. Since the goal of the project is to allow users to actually experience the pamphlets themselves, and since a transcription of the pamphlet will be available to users, no enhancements will be made to the scans of the files themselves (assuming, that is, that the scan was an acceptable representation of the item—if not, the item will be rescanned).


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