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There will be two timelines available on the website. One will cover the Intrepid’s history and the other will look at the evolution of flight in relation to the Intrepid; following the types of aircrafts launched off its flight deck through the years. As a Naval Aircraft Carrier who served over thirty years, Intrepid has an expansive history. Thus, a timeline will be an asset to the website to navigating viewers through highlights of important information, events and people. The Intrepid cruise books will be situated within the timeline. Not every year was singularly represented in one cruise book, instead years were compounded. Most notably, the years the Intrepid spent in World War II, 1943-1945, are displayed in one book. Placing them within the timeline will give viewers a visual understanding of where the three books reside within an extensive history. In addition, a timeline of the evolution of flight will be provided. Flight changed drastically over the thirty years Intrepid sailed and it is an important theme represented in the cruise books. The essential purpose of the Intrepid was to launch and land aircraft. Understanding the change in aircraft onboard will provide a better understanding of the historical significance of the Intrepid. Both will highlight important information and will allow for an interactive viewing. Additional information will be provided on all events and aircrafts, which will be accessible to the viewer through links. Clicking on the names of said events and aircrafts will take you to other pages with more information, designed by the education staff.

There is a glossary of “ship speak terms”, which allows viewers access to terms used in the cruise books. This will provide for an opportunity to understand “naval talk”. The glossary will also have terms that the sailors used in regards to the aircraft, as it was an intricate part of their on-ship dialogue.

The main search engine at the top of the website will provide the opportunity to search generically for information within the cruisebooks and the additional information found on the website. You will be able to search by book, or search the whole site. Since the cruise books will be digitized in the form they are in, the viewer will look at the pages as if they are flipping through a book, so as not to change the historical signifigance gained by viewing the documents in yearbook format. There will be textboxes on the sides of all scanned pages that will explain important information. For example if the page is dedicated to the “Crossing the Line Ceremony”, a textbox will be provided to explain what the Crossing the Line Ceremony is. In “Researching Life on Board”, another option on the website, viewers will have the opportunity to search the textboxes and/or the real documents. You can use a provided list to search one particular event or search all of the events for a specific term. This will allow you to compared between books. For example, if you would like to look at the differences of the Crossing the Line Ceremony over the years.

Academic Tools:
Tools for Students:
Tools for Students will allow students access to some educational material, developed by the education department that will further discuss themes on the ships, which correlate to the themes represented in the exhibition space and in the cruise books. This will include PDF files of age-appropriate worksheets, which are themed water, aviation and life at sea. A list of sources for research and military literature will also be provided.
Tools for Teachers:
Tools for Teachers will also provide a list of sources for academic research and a list of relevant military literature. Lesson plans will be provided, also developed by the educational staff that will help teachers incorporate the cruise books into a historical classroom discussion.

Interviews have already been compiled by the Museum and are used in various media venues. A link will be provided to view small portions of these interviews, as the Intrepid has been kept alive by those who have lived to tell about it. Many of the men whose comments will be shown here, are featured in the cruise books and in other exhibits throughout the museum. Giving the public access to them will be for educational purposes.

Bibliography: A Bibliography will be provided as well, listing the material used in compiling the website.

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