Intrepid Management

Funding/ Institutional Connection
This project, which draws on a pre-existing collection from the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, will be funded by the Intrepid Museum and by grants. The Intrepid will draw on many of its current financial partners for monetary assistance in order to complete the digitization of the cruise books.

This project will need to be staffed by two people. Unlike other documents and artifacts in the collection, the cruise books have yet to be digitally archived. The staff will be responsible for digitally archiving the cruise books and for developing an interactive website to present the books to the public. Specialist staff will have to be familiar with metadata and with website design. The education department will be called upon to assist in developing the site. The education department will help to make the site compatible for teacher and student use. After it has been created it will be monitored by the collections team, in accordance with Intrepid policies, which includes our head of collections and our digital media manager. The Intrepid’s development department will be responsible for obtaining the grant that will be used to digitize the cruise book collection and will work with the manager of this project and the collections team for long term funding. The Intrepid will be responsible for hiring the staff to complete the digitization process and also for maintaining the digital collection.

Scope of the Collection
The scope of the collection is quite large. The plan is to digitize three of the cruise books from the entire collection. The volumes are extensive, text heavy and with a great deal of pictures. The books that will be digitized are already on display in the museum and were chosen by the collection team because of their importance. It has already been decided that these best represent the highlights of the Intrepid’s military career and thus are most relevant to digitize for public use. These three books will be featured on the website. Eventually, the museum will look to digitize all of the volumes for the benefit of the public.

Digitization Process/ Hardware
The Digital archive and the website will look very similar to the presentation designed for the current exhibit. Each page will be digitized in the format it appears in the book. The website too will follow this format; the public will navigate the website as they would an actual book. Since the pages are 8 ½ by 11 inches a regular flatbed scanner can be used for scanning the pages. Once pages are scanned an index for the website will also be created to provide background information on the context of the book, including explanations of ceremonies, specific battles and ship speak. Interviews with former crewmembers that have already been conducted, will be integrated into the site with corresponding cruise books from the times they served. In addition, educational information will be linked on the website for teachers and students.

Timeline/ Workflow
1. Once hired, staff will write grant for the digitizing process.
2. Staff will begin to decide what needs to be further explained in the index, working with the educational team on lesson plans.
3. Cruise books will be scanned.
4. Once scanned website design will begin.
5. Education team will meet with staff to begin developing curriculum for the website and to help with the design.
6. Project will continue to be monitored by staff.

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