Wars of the Roses - Site Index
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  • Introduction - to Wars and to Project
  • Exhibition:
    • House of Lancaster - biographical information for each
    • House of York
    • Battles
    • Main Characters
    • Maps
    • Family Tree
    • (Links will to documents and interpretive essays elsewhere on the site will be provided in relevant places in the text in the sections above)
  • Manuscripts:
    • Browse
    • Search:
      • By Chronology
      • By House
      • By Type (ie. letter or government document)
      • By Transcription Only
    • Transcription Guidelines (transcriptions provided with each manuscript image)
    • Copyright/Permission Details
    • Citation Preference
  • Search:
    • Overall search function for site
    • Subject
    • Person
    • Place (ie. major battle sites, etc.)
    • Text (similar to browse function in Manuscript section)
  • Links:
    • Lesson plans for educational purposes
    • To two or three relevant websites

[Exhibition, Manuscript, and Links sections will be placed in a left-side bar. While Transcription Guidelines and Copyright/Permission Details will be included in the Manuscript section, a readily available link will appear on a botton-bar for immediate access.]

There will be both an online exhibition of the background information, as well as a link for further readings (the selected interpretive essays) and the manuscripts themselves. The translations and transcriptions will be searchable. While the project will maintain original spelling in the documents, the transcriptions will be tagged with the modern English regularized spellings, thereby enabling a basic keyword search.

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