General Description and Selection Essay

Describe your project in a short essay that includes basic information we discussed in class:


  • Topic
  • The date span
  • The format of the materials
  • The collections/archives to supply the documents
  • The extent of the collection (number of documents estimated)
  • The rationale for doing the collection; it's historical significance and importance.


Also discuss how you have selected the documents that you plan to digitize.

  • If you plan to digitize an entire collection, explain why, and why you have chosen this collection over others. If it is a very large collection and you will digitize it in stages, determine the priorities for digitization and explain your rationale.
  • If you are digitizing a portion of a collection, explain how you selected your criteria and provide examples of documents that you would include and exclude.
  • If you are creating a collection on a thematic topic from disparate sources, explain what you choose to include and what you will exclude.

To consult previous student's essays, see

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