Funding Essay

Using the Foundation Center database or searching the Internet, investigate the funding chances of your project, summarizing the kinds of foundations or corporations that would seem the most likely to support it.

Then, identify three good funding sources for your project. Do not select the National Endowment for the Humanities as one of your foundations. At least two of the three private foundations.

For each foundation,

  • Provide a paragraph that briefly identifies the foundation and links to the Foundation Directory entry or the foundation's website.
  • Explaining why you think it is a good source for your project.
  • Provide a brief sense of how you would argue that your project meets its guidelines.

Example: the Margaret Sanger Papers

The Robert Sterling Clark Foundation Foundation Center profile Website is a New York City-based private foundation that supports reproductive rights. Project would apply to its program "Promoting Reproductive Rights," basing the approach on the idea that the Sanger Papers digital project will help to combat misinformation on the Internet that is affecting the way that young women make decisions about seeking reproductive rights clinics. The Foundation's grant history indicates that it provides large grants of over $100,000 for reproductive rights organizations, so we will make a request of around $50,000, which would go toward meeting our NEH match, funding research and digitization of Sanger documents and text encoding. Will need to convince the foundation that our research is akin to the work of agencies that are actually providing services, or lobbying for legal change.

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