Football Programs Value

Search Screen

The search screen will allow users to locate information that has been isolated in the tagging of each program. Please see the search-by page linked here: The search function will be set up to respond to one, several, or all of the parameters shown on the page. I have created defined lists for the search methods I could think of, but also included an open text box that will search the entire website and metadata as a catch all to the searching features.


Since the Football Programs are part of a clearly defined period, the inclusion of a timeline will provide some additional value for users. The timeline will feature each game, a short box score, any important information, and a link to the digital football program. Additional information will be placed chronologically such as the founding of the NCAA, important dates in NYU Football and general history, relevant historical moments (i.e., WWII battle where a former was killed), and each spot will provide some general information.

Glossary and Bibliography

A glossary is required for the site to provide users with definitions of football terms and language popular in the period that has fallen into disuse. The creation will assume users have no background in the sport or period. This means relatively well known positions such as fullback will be defined, as well as flankers and 3/8ths backs. The list will be generated during the tagging process as the director will have to closely inspect each page for proper metadata. The terms will then be given to the student worker to create a glossary and bibliography. The latter, like the Timeline and Glossary, will also be offered through links on the Further Information tab on the sidebar of the website.

Subject Terms

Subject terms will be added to each program to allow users to browse through either a separate page listing all subject terms or from the bottom of the navigator pages. The director, with input from the advisory board, will draft a list of terms and will provide terms (approximately 5, but flexible to nature of document) to each program page when preparing the scans. Selections from the sample list of terms include:

  • Wartime Football
  • Depression Football
  • Golden Era of NYU Football
  • Coach [one created for each head coach]
  • Win
  • Loss
  • Tie
  • Home
  • Away
  • Venue [one created for each location]
  • Opponent [one created for each location]
  • Conference Game
  • Non-Conference Game

Biographical Information

As previously mentioned in other posts, the project seeks to use user driven biographies of players and coaches to fill out the rosters that will be created by the project staff. The information will be accessible through bio pages linking off of the rosters that will be featured as a stand alone page linked to each program. For example only one list for 1936 will be created, but accessible through any page from a 1936 season program, from the timeline, or from a page on the further information called rosters.


The project will allow the original programs to provide most of the information users seek, but will annotate with small text boxes outside of the navigator that provide a summary of the game, box score, and any important information surrounding the game not featured in the program. The main goal of the project is to provide access to the original docuements through the use of tagging each page image with information users would be seeking to find.

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