Football Programs Tagging

Tagging Guidelines

Even though the football programs contain some text, there will be no transcription and each page will be treated as an image. This has many benefits for the project, but makes tagging each page extremely important to allow optimal searching and access. The project will use TEI as its tagging standard when encoding metadata for bibliographic and subject information. Since the programs are identical in size, material, and are relatively in same condition, physical information will not be tagged for each object, but will be included on the website.

Bibliographic Fields
ID of image [YYYY_MM_DD_PP]
ID of program [YYYY_MM_DD]

Subject Fields
Organization (will be used for teams or companies)

The first source for name and subject authorities will be the Library of Congress, but most of the people and many of the subjects featured in the programs will not appear in the LOC Authorities, so a local authority database will be set up by the project under the direction of the director. The individual tagging will also rely on this database set up to ensure standardization of terms. The database will also capture a list of subject terms, either from LOC or locally constructed, that each page will be tagged with. Such as:

· Wartime Football
· Depression Football
· Golden Era of NYU Football
· Coach [one created for each head coach]
· Win
· Loss
· Tie
· Home
· Away
· Venue [one created for each location]
· Opponent [one created for each location]
· Conference Game
· Non-Conference Game
· Players [one created for each player]
· Artist [one for each cover artist]
· Songs/Chants [one for each song or chant]
· Advertisement [tagged for both the existence of an ad and also by company advertising]

The setup of the project is geared to normalize all metadata that can then be searched by the search screens. This will limit searching to the tags that appear on the website. All tags will also appear on the page view with the image and hyperlinked to the rest of the program, short summary, biography, stats page, history, or collection of related pages.

Example of Tagged Document:


Bibliographic Fields (will appear in box above image)

Title: New York University versus Purdue Program Page 12-> linked to page with thumbnails of entire program

Date: 1932 October 29->linked to summary of game.

ID of image: 1932_10_29_12-> linked to page that provides information on scanning process and specifications of the digital images.

ID of program: 1932_10_29->linked to page that provides information on NYU football programs including physical specifications.

Subject Fields (will appear in box to right of image and notice normalization of names)

Coach Howard Cann-> linked to biography

Connolly, Valentine (Val) -> linked to biography

Kohler, John->linked to biography

MacDonald, John->linked to biography

Marchi, Basilio->linked to biography

McNamara, Robert (Bob)->linked to biography

White, Maynard->linked to biography

Yankee Stadium->linked to summary about NYU and Yankee Stadium

Purdue University-> linked to page that aggregates all the times the team played and lifetime win-loss records. Also will provide hyperlinks to other programs with same opponent

Depression Football->linked to page providing short essay on NYU football during this period

Loss-> linked to summary of game.


Non-Conference Game->linked to page that provides information about NYU’s conference involvement and overall schedule of 1932 season

Player Portrait

Reproduction of Photograph->links to page explaining that the originals are likely housed in NYU Archives and can be viewed by the public. Also provides link to University Archives website and contact information.

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