Football Programs

Project Director: Pete B. Asch

Source of Materials: New York University Football Program Records, 1889 - 1967, New York University Archives


The New York University Archives is requesting a grant to begin a digitization project to provide public access to important and hidden archival records of the football team. In order to best serve users, access needs to be expanded to offer full-digitized versions of the NYU Football Programs online. The New York University Fighting Violets left an under appreciated impact on college football and New York sports history, including developing the modern style of play and forming the NCAA. In addition, football programs are a robust resource for of a rising number of historical disciplines that increasingly rely on the history of college sports to understand American history, society, race, rise of consumer culture, and/or gender studies. Over a two-year period, the Football Program Digital Project would like digitize all the programs currently housed at the NYU Archive, as well as several hundred photos, articles, and related documents for preservation and use.

Previous to this proposal, there has been no formal effort to catalog, preserve, or provide direct access to the NYU Football Programs. To remedy that we propose to build an online digital history website and repository by creating and encoding approximately two hundred football programs and hundreds of other records totaling over 3500 individual digital files is the largest digitization project yet undertaken by the NYU Archives. The public website will be the authoritative resource the NYU Football Programs and provide a case study of best practices for the archival profession when dealing with mixed image/text collection. The main goal of the project is to provide access to the original documents through the use of tagging each page image with information users would likely use to explore the football programs. Centered on the programs, the project will feature a number of added value features that best suit the varied needs of interested audiences.

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