Final Project

Digital Project Proposal (40% of final grade)

You may use any of the following NEH grant programs:

If none of the above programs suits your project, check here. You must get my approval before "applying" to another program, as I have selected these because they are roughly the same length and do not require conditions, such as "innovation."

Note that you will need TO DO MUCH MORE than just string your draft essays together to develop a strong proposal! Read the guidelines as early as possible!

Due dates for Final Proposal:

  • April 27 - Deadline for handing in proposal draft for comments
  • May 7: Final NEH proposal.

Some tips:

What you do not have to do for this proposal;

  • You do not have to prepare the format of pdf files. Ignore that portion of the guidelines and e-mail me your proposal in as a wordprocessing file or PDF.
  • You do not have to fill out the NEH forms. Just prepare a title page with your name.
  • You do not have to provide the statement of the history of grants for the project.
  • You do not have to provide c.v.s for the staff of the project in your appendix.

What you may do for this proposal:

  • If needed, you may identify specific individuals as participants on the project without getting their permission or assent, but be reasonable. You can also describe the skill sets that you would seek in participants in lieu of specific individuals.
    • You could say that you will work with a specific staff member at Tamiment Institute who will advise and supervise a portion of your project, providing that person’s expertise. OR you could draft a job description, and indicate that the specific staff member would be hired once the project is funded. Again, you do not need to actually secure this person's participation.

What you must do for this proposal:

  • Mount the one page summary of the project on the wiki.
  • Complete the narrative as described in the guidelines.
    • Substance and Context
    • History and Duration of the Project
    • Staff
    • Methods
    • Final Product and Dissemination
  • Budget with cost sharing
  • Provide examples as appendix pages as needed.
  • Follow the page limits.


See sample narratives for Preservation and Access grants, Scholarly Editing and Translations, and Sustaining Cultural Heritage grants.

Grading Criteria


The NEH has created six criteria by which proposals are judged. I have weighted each based on the goals of the course:

  • Significance: the project’s significance for supporting scholarly research, education, or public programming in the humanities. (25%)
  • Methodology: the soundness of the proposed methodology, including the selection criteria where applicable and the project’s adherence to accepted national standards and professional practices, especially those that would contribute to making grant products interoperable with related resources and facilitate their discovery. (25%)
  • Likelihood of success: the viability, efficiency, and productivity of the project, as indicated by the work plan. (20%)
  • Qualifications: the qualifications of the project’s staff. (10%)
  • Dissemination: the quality of the project’s plans for disseminating information about and providing access to grant products. (10%)
  • Budget: the reasonableness of the proposed budget in relation to anticipated results. (10%)

In the real world, missing proposal deadlines means that you have to wait until the next funding cycle. In this class late proposals will be graded down significantly.

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