Encoding Essay and Sample

For this essay, please include at least one sample document, encoded to the best of your ability. You will also include this in the final proposal as an appendix.

Doc analysis questions http://historynewmedia.wikidot.com/doc-analysis


  1. Determine whether you will use TEI, Dublin Core, or some other standard for encoding your documents and explain your reasons.
  2. Discuss how you will use the standard that you have chosen
    • For Dublin Core, explain which of the 15 fields you will use and what you will put in each one. Make sure that you include any metadata needed to conduct the searches you have described earlier.
    • For TEI, indicate what types of things you plan to encode, whether you will use encoding that links documents and added value text to the document. Provide a list of the elements that you expect to use most frequently and how you will use them. Make sure that you have provided a means to conduct the searches that you have described earlier.
  3. Make sure that you indicate what you will do in cases when information is missing or complicated. You may decide to revise your transcription guidelines based on these decisions.


  • Choose a good document for your sample, one that shows off the work that you will be doing as far as transcription, or the assignment of subjects. Selecting a more complicated document allows you to demonstrate the kinds of added value that you will add to the documents, so you should not shy away from it.
  • Choose an interesting document for your sample. This will become an appendix in your proposal, and one of the things that reviewers look at most carefully.
  • If you have a wide variety of documents or two or more major types of documents (such as images and images+transcriptions), consider including a sample of both. That way you demonstrate the different kinds of documents in the collection.
  • Make sure there are no typographic errors in the sample. Shouldn't have to say it, but there it is!
  • Make sure that your metadata and encoding descriptions in the proposal match the samples you have provided.
  • You may attach the samples to your essay using the Files command. If you used Omeka to produce your Dublin Core sample, you may either add a link to the site (make sure that I have access) or export the record as an xml file and attach it to the essay.

To consult essays written by students in previous semesters, see http://historynewmedia.wikidot.com/search:site/a/p/q/encoding

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