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Welcome Page I tried to make this easy to read and navigate.

News and Updates Users would be able to track site changes and any relevant posts. The box to the right is a drop-down menu that would elaborate on the options for each link.

About (See sitemap for other pages)

Sample Scan Pretending that this is a low-res sample image of the Trial Transcript (and not a meatloaf recipe) users could, flip between pages with a next button, which will show up in later drafts. Users would also be able to click on the low-res file to open a page with a hi-res scan of the same image. The box on the left with the sample definition would be a pop-up window that would appear when a user clicks on a definition or exhibit with the link.

Keyword Search The drop-down menu would clarify how the site is searching, and allow the user to choose to search by keyword, subject, title, etc.

Comments Adding a comments section would allow the web administrator to improve the site's content and navigability.


• Main Page
- News/Updates

• About
- Edwin Berry Burgum
- The Era
- The Collection-> Source, Rights and Reproductions

• Trial Transcript
- Table of Contents -> Book 1 (Page 1, Page 2…), Book 2…
- Exhibit List -> Exhibit 1, 2 …
- Glossary

• Search
- Keyword Search
- Advanced Search ->By Title, Date
- Browse

• Links
- NYU Archives Finding Aid
- Sources Cited
- Additional Sources

• Comment

• Contact
- email address link

• Home

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