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On the home page I envision the main pages to appear on the left hand side, with the subsequent pages formed in a sidebar menu. The “How to Use This Site” section will fairly briefly instruct students how to sort through the documents and use the different features, such as the “Notebook.” It should also be here that certain terms that students may be unfamiliar with, such as primary/secondary sources, transcriptions, and footnotes, will be defined with examples. Under “What is a Transcription?” will also be the particular rules of the transcriptions on the site (such as brackets “[]” will contain illegible words). Also, “How to Cite the Site” will be helpful to students and also ensure that credit is given to the project.

As mentioned above, a relatively short yet helpful Earhart biography will be included, to give students who may be unfamiliar with Earhart context about her life. A timeline will also be included in this section to help students visualize important dates and benchmarks in Earhart’s career.

Although all the documents will be available under the “Discover Amelia” section, they should also be organized in the “Browse” section so that students can easily go back to a document, or ensure that they have read every document that they want. The materials will be available to browse by document type, date of document, as well as subject (such as Earhart’s records, her disappearance, etc.).

The “We Want to Hear From You!” section will be vital to the project, especially in the beginning stages, as the effectiveness of the site for its users needs to be gauged. A short evaluation will be available here for students and teachers to fill out.

There will also be a section of the site for teachers, to learn how to use the site as well as additional lesson plans for further learning.

The “Project History,” “Credits,” “Contact Us,” and “Copyright Information” sections will not be a part of the major sidebar, but links at the bottom of the homepage, as they are sections most likely used only by older users of the site, and not of much interest or use to the younger students.

Home Page

  • How to Use This Site
    • Description of how to use the materials
      • What is the difference between a primary and a secondary source?
      • What is a transcription?
        • Transcription rules of the project
      • What are footnotes?
      • How to use "The Notebook"
      • How to Cite this Site
      • FAQs
  • About Amelia Earhart
    • A short biography
    • Timeline
  • Discover Amelia
    • Prompt #1
    • Prompt #2
    • Prompt #3
  • Try Transcribing!
  • Browse the documents
    • By document type
      • Personal letters
      • Newspaper articles
      • Photographs
    • By date
    • By subject
  • Search
  • Find Out More
    • Bibliography
    • Links
  • We Want to Hear From You! (Feedback section)
  • Teacher Resources
    • How to use the site for your students
    • Additional lesson plans
  • Project History
  • Credits
  • Contact Us
  • Copyright Information
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