Earhart Added Value

An introductory essay will be required for the site. However, the essay must take care to only reveal facts and to try to be as objective as possible, as the main purpose of the site is for students to piece together information and form their own opinions about Amelia Earhart. But basic background information will be useful, as not everyone is familiar with Earhart’s story. Also, context about aviation history, and the advancements and limitations of Earhart’s time, will be included, to help explain the challenges of the time.

How to use the site
The site’s purpose should be explicitly stated here. It will prompt students to read through the primary documents in order to gather information and form their own opinions and conclusions about Earhart. It will also instruct students on how to use the features of the site (such as a “Notebook,” where students can take notes while reading the primary documents). The difference between primary and secondary sources should also be explained in this section.

Search Options
There will be a search bar in the top right hand corner of each page, to provide easy access. The search options will be relatively simple, as students will probably only be searching for keywords, names, or possibly dates. There will be an option to limit the search by document type (i.e. letters, newspapers, photographs). In the case that their search term is not found on the site, the student will be prompted by links to search elsewhere (this is where a possible collaboration with another Earhart site may be beneficial).

Annotations will be extremely important in providing context for students who may be unfamiliar with aviation, or even Earhart’s, history. Rather than supplying such information upfront in the form of an essay, annotations will be provided with students mouse-over an unfamiliar term, name, place, and the like.

The Links page will be a very important, yet challenging portion of the site. A space leading students to additional information about Earhart is desired, without taking away attention from the site and exhibit. However, as the site is aimed to be different from any other Earhart site on the internet, the concern of a loss of audience should be minimal.

The bibliography section will be very important as well to direct students to further reading. There are many sources on Earhart, and they should be organized by type and reading-level.

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