Working Drafts (35% of final grade)

After we cover each topic, develop your plan for implementing or addressing the issue for your specific project. Each essay will serve as a rough draft for a major section of your final NEH proposal. I will provide detailed feedback on your drafts that will help guide you as you revise them. As each essay informs the next, please hand these in on time so that you have a chance to get feedback in a timely manner.

Essay length will vary depending on the depth of information or the details of problems you might face. They should generally run at least four paragraphs, to deal with the general issues that come up in the readings.

Project Ideas

Post a short description of your project ideas here.

Post Your Project

As soon as you select your project, add it to the chart below and create a home page on the wiki for it. (You can just create the page name on the chart and then click on it and answer "yes" to creating a new page.) See my example for formatting.

Project Title Project Director Linking Page
Travels with Margaret Sanger, 1922-1959 Cathy Moran Hajo travels-sanger
American History Textbooks, 1900-1970 Abby Davis American-textbooks
Telephonic Supply Chains, 1876-1937 Matthew Hockenberry telephonic-supplychains
Irish Political Pamphlet Collection, 1914-1922 Kate Feighery irish-republicanism-pamphlet-collection
The Daily Worker Negatives Digitization Project Hanan Ohayon

I will add your project home page to the drop-down menu to make it easy to get to from anywhere on the site.

Essay Topics and Due Dates


See descriptions and essays of projects from previous classes.

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