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This web Archive exhibit will have digital scans of several types of media — hand written letters/notes on paper, typed text documents, typed docs w/ hand-written edits/corrections, newspaper articles & political cartoons, magazine editorials, photographs (B&W and color), as well as video clips (interviews & archival footage). Each will have their own unique tech specs.

All hand-written documents will be scanned using Epson 300 and loaded as both TIFFs @ 600 dpi for Archival repository and as J-Pegs @ 300 dpi for Timeline Exhibit display. Transcripts will be provided for readability upon request (user chooses to view transcript specifically), as well as to allow for advanced search meta-tagging.


Transcript Guidelines:
(research industry standard…)

Typed text doc's, political cartoons, & newspaper articles will be scanned in B&W @ 300 dpi — no transcription necessary for any typed documents as I don't anticipate any readability issues.


Video clips will be digitized at both low and high resolution — user can choose player option. (I'd like the retain a managed server to host the videos but for example purposes below clips were loaded onto Youtube video server. *Eventually we'll build a proprietory database and store all media on a dedicated server, but not until site is establish, audience is built, and a quantifiable measure of success is acheived.

All video will be extensively tagged by date, subject, key words, individuals in picture, etc.

Click below for a 1988 New York Times article re. SDI (by LAWRENCE FREEDMAN, Professor of War Studies at King's College, University of London)


*Contextual mini-essay for all documents in the Timeline Exhibit will be written by experts in the field, a noted academic or an establish historian — to be peer reviewed & approved by ReagansColdWar.Org Advisory Board.


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