Digitization Essay

Develop an essay that discussed how the documents in your collection will be digitized, and why you made these decisions.


  • Include explanation of your decision to digitize as either an image, text, or audiovisual material.
  • If your documents have text on them, but you chose not to transcribe it, explain why you made that decision.
  • If you have audiovisual materials, but you chose not to transcribe them, explain why you made that decision.
  • Please show a sample of each major type of material you will use–if your site will be made up of newspaper articles, photographs and interviews, do a sample from each.


  • Come up with the general rules on how to scan an image, transcribe a text, or digitize an audio or video file. These should include technical standards such as resolution, format, color, grey-scale or black and white images, and general transcription rules.
  • Create a sample digitization, scan or transcription, depending on your plans, and include any descriptive information that will be part of the site once completed.

Consult with experts at the Digital Studio to create your sample scans, and to get some sense of the storage capabilities your site will need.

To mount images on the wiki, there are two methods–

  1. store the image on a computer and link to the webpage. You can do this using the files 2.0 space that NYU gives everyone.
  2. Attach the file to the wiki page. At the bottom of the page choose “files” and attach and then upload the page.

To mount transcriptions, use a wiki page if possible, but if you cannot get the detail of appearance you like, do it in a word processing program and attach it in the same way that the images were.

To consult essays written by students in previous semesters, see http://historynewmedia.wikidot.com/search:site/a/p/q/digitization

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