Project Management and Workflows

Project Management

This project will require a small number of staff members for specific responsibilities and tasks. Because of the heavy collaborative component of the project, a significant amount of work content will be supplied by users, as well as volunteers or interns.

The following staffing needs will need to be met:

Project Director (80% Year 1-2): Responsible for setting digitization policy, metadata standards, monitoring workflows, providing training, most of research and writing, and public relations and marketing.

Subject Consultant (20% Year 1; 10% Year 2): The project will require a subject specialist in the history of Chinatown to oversee the selection of items and to make decisions regarding thematic arrangements. The project supervisor is a respected leader in the history of Chinatown (author of 'New York before Chinatown and co-founder of the Museum of Chinese in America) and will provide this expertise.

Collections Consultant (MOCA Senior Staff): Senior staff will be necessary to act as liaison, help make policy and content decisions, and to provide managerial leadership within the museum.

Administrative Assistant (20% Year 1): Administrative needs are projected to be minimal, but steady as details around scheduling, payroll, purchasing, organization, and communications will remain throughout all three years of the project.

Archival Assistants (2 x 50% Year 1): assistants will be needed for the first year to scan, file, convert, and tag image files.

Software Programmer (Contract): A professional programmer will be needed to tailor the mobile app and to create the underlying architecture for fast and reliable interoperability between web and mobile platforms.

Web Designer (A/P/A Staff): A web designer is needed to create a user-friendly interface for the web, which can then be used as a template for the smartphone app.

As the sponsoring institution, the Asian/Pacific/American Institute will provide part-time administrative help through the life of the project in the form of 10 hours of labor given by Institute administrative staff. In addition, the Institute will provide undergraduate and graduate interns to assist in digitizing and tagging tasks. The Institute will also provide office space, office supplies, and equipment. As an academic institute, the Institute will be able to provided supervision for credit-earning internship arrangements. As the collection holder MOCA will also provide the salary for one of the two Archival Assistants, and provide additional volunteers or interns in support the digitization process.

Work Plan

Based on estimates of time required for research, digitizing, writing, designing and editing, it is estimated that the project will take 3 years for full implementation. All salaries will be based on the existing scales specific to each institution. The work will proceed in three distinct phases.

Stage One

Research and Writing
Guidelines and Training
Digitizing and Conversion
Entering Metadata
Checking Metadata
Prototype Design and Testing

Stage Two

Research and Writing
Checking Metadata
Providing Guided Tours
Finalizing Design
Dissemination and Marketing

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