Sample Encoded Text

1. Title: Certificate of Eligibility for Chin On

2. Creator: Department of Commerce and Labor

3. Subject: Chinatown, Chinese Exclusion Act, immigration, labor, racial discrimination, anti-Chinese

4. a. Description (General): One side of a Certificate of Identity issued on July 23, 1914 to Chin On, a merchant, by the Department of Commerce and Labor under the regulations contained in Bureau Circular No. 27 (enacted March 19, 1909), which certifies that the identified person has been granted permission to stay in the United States having provided "satisfactory proof." Includes portrait photograph of Chin On, age 40. Other details: imprinted seal of the Department of Commerce and Labor, hand-written notations in the margins.

4.b. Description (Text):
"Name: Chin On
Age: 40 Height: 5ft, 7.25 in.
Occupation: Merchant, New York, N.Y.
Admitted as: Merchant #13486/9-3 S.S.
Siberia June 13, 1914
Physical marks and peculiarities: Mole on right eyebrow
Issued at the port of: San Francisco, Cal
this 23rd day of July 1914
Samuel H. Backuo (signature)
Immigration Official in Charge.
No. 56/811 (left margin, perpendicular to text)"

5. Publisher: Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA)

6. Contributor: Samuel H. Backou

7. Date: 1914-07-23

8. Type: paper certificate (with photograph)

9. Format: TIFF 2175x901 5.8MB

10. Identifier: Certificate_ChinOn_0001

11. Source: Museum of Chinese in America

12. Language: English

13.a. Relation (Spatial): 40.714018023419,-73.9986286267758 (converted from 14 Mott Street New York NY 10038)
13.b. Relation (Personal): ChinOn_1914-06-13

14.a. Coverage (Spatial): Chinatown, Manhattan, New York
14.b. Coverage (Temporal): May 8, 1882 - December 17, 1943

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