Brooklyn Sports Tagging

For the Sports in Brooklyn website to be an effective educational tool, certain metadata must be created and stored about the documents, images and oral histories on the site. Tagging will be essential to this process. Without appropriate tagging, the user will have great difficulty searching efficiently through the site. Tagging will enable teachers and students to locate materials within the online exhibit with ease.

Tagging for this project will be based on the metadata created during the scanning phase of the workflow. Because our search functions will include a keyword box, a drop down menu for names, a search box for dates, and a drop down menu for sports type we will need to ensure that each of these elements are included in the tagging. Therefore, we will tag each photograph, memorabilia image and oral history transcript with the Dublin Core elements:


The subject names and sports type will both be listed under the “subject” element in metadata but will receive their own tags so that each are searchable through their respective drop down menus, generated from the tagging.

Because the amount of materials is initially small it will be relatively simple to control the language and terms of the tagging. Our part-time student worker will be responsible for tagging using Oxygen as an html editor. The tags will be directly based on the metadata s/he created earlier in the workflow, stored in our Access database.

In addition to the tagging created by the project staff, we will also rely on users to create tagging for their own comments and stories. As users submit stories and images to the website, we will require that they include 5 or more labels (or tags) for each item. Our project staff will also supplement these tags when s/he reviews the comments each month.

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