Brooklyn Sports Digitization

Because this project is focused on Brooklyn Sports materials housed at the Brooklyn Historical Society, all scanning will be done in-house at BHS using a standard, flat bed scanner. There are three categories of materials to be digitized- photographs, memorabilia and oral histories.

Photographs will comprise the majority of the materials for this project. The photographs are similar in size and quality and are all in reasonably good condition, meaning they can be handled without fear of damage. All photographs will be scanned at 600 dpi (which is considered to by an archival standard, high resolution scan) and in color. These images will be saved as TIFFs for archival purposes. They will also be saved as JPEGs for display on the web. The JPEG (or compressed) version will allow faster browsing for users and will also ensure that BHS maintains copyright and control over the use of the images for printing and publication purposes. The JPEG versions should be of sufficient quality for students and teachers to use in the classroom, the group who comprises our target audience. Researchers desiring a high-resolution scan can easily contact the BHS archivist for permission and the file can be transmitted via email or mailed in a compact disc format.

In addition we will also scan memorabilia materials (medals, banners, pennants, etc.). Most of these materials will fit on our standard, flat bed scanner. Any oversized items will be sent out of house for scanning, preferably to a New York based company. Memorabilia items will be scanned using the same standards for photographs- with a 600 dpi TIFF and JPEG file saved for each item.

For both photographs and memorabilia items scans will be adjusted in Photoshop to ensure that the digitized image aligns closely with the colors and contrast of the original. This color correction will be done in a neutral (gray) room at BHS.

The final category of materials will be comprised of oral histories. These will be saved in an uncompressed, unedited AIFF version for archival purposes. In addition, segments from each interview will be saved in an MP3 format and uploaded to the website. Users will be able to stream these clips using RealPlayer and will also be able to download the MP3 files to their computer. In addition, transcriptions of the interviews will be displayed in the oral histories section.

Naming Conventions:
Files will be based on the names determined by the project manager and saved into the projects access database, for example:

Mary Sobers Track Medal.jpeg
Mary Sobers Track Medal.tiff

Note: The archival quality tiffs and aiff files exceeded the size limit for this wiki. Please see attached files for examples of transcriptions, jpeg images and mp3 audio files.

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