AJ Tagging
Print Document The ads as they originally appeared
repository Location of originals (Jewish Women's Archive)
Title The product being advertised
Source Bibliographic source information for the American Jewess/ LHJ
Author by advertiser
Date Date of Publication as given
Copyright Copyright Information (to be dated upon creation of the web site)
People Tagged within each advertisement
Summary Volume Number, Issue Number
Index Multiple options
Place Enter as written (Chicago, Illinois)

The American Jewess and Ladies’ Home Journal Advertisements will be tagged using
TEI format, and a title, subject and date will be included for each advertisement. Each ad will be titled by the item that is being advertised. Each advertisement will have a unique document number, which will contain the division between the American Jewess and Ladies Home Journal, but could also be used for linking documents. (For example AJ1894001, which would tell the user the magazine and the year and then number consecutively).

I will tag only the text in the document, and I will not provide an analysis of the advertisements. I have opted to tag any people that are mentioned in the advertisements (e.g. authors of books, individuals selling products or services) as well as the corporations and vendors who are included in the text. Though the text is legible and there are very few discrepancies with modern spelling of words, I thought it would be beneficial to researchers to be able to search within the text of the advertisements. I will tag words that have been misspelled, as well as abbreviations (e.g. Mme means Madame). Since there are only a few such cases this will not be a difficult endeavor.

The metadata that I will include for each advertisement is the item being advertised, the advertiser and the date that the advertisement appeared.

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