African American Soldiers Tagging Guidelines

My collection is made up of images, letters, biographies, newspaper and journal articles documenting the experience of African American volunteering for combat during the Spanish Civil Wary as part of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Most of my text based documents will be scanned in using OCR recognition excepting the handwritten documents which will need to be keyed in. I will use XML coding following the TEI p5 guidelines.

I would like documents to be searchable by name, date, type of document, and content. I will use Library of Congress headings in order to accommodate site visitors. Many site visitors may be unfamiliar with much of this history so I want to allow for a variety of search terms. My main goal in the tagging of these documents and images will be to group related content together in order to further the ease with which visitors can browse the site.

Text or phrases that have become antiquated or spelled differently will be linked to more contemporary terms. For example, articles using the word “negro” would be grouped with articles and documents using the term “African American.”

Text to be tagged within the text:
Military Classification

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