African American Soldiers Project Management

The work to be done

I. What needs to be done
a. Scan original surveys, letters, and ephemera
b. Design a website
i. Complete with secondary source notes
ii. A resources page
iii. Documents grouped by date with explanatory text
iv. E
II. How will the work be done
a. By myself and a website design volunteer ($15/hour)
III. Bibliographical and Storage methods
IV. Available equipment
a. University has
i. usb cables
ii. scanners
b. I have
i. Digital camera
ii. Scanner
iii. Cd burner
V. Funding
a. Government Grants
i. The NEH
ii. Private foundations

The African-Americans in the Spanish Civil War files are mainly typed and handwritten text, which will make the digitization process simpler than digitizing other media forms like audio or film. The most compelling soldier surveys from England, Canada and the United States and their accompanying personal notes will be scanned and transcribed for this website.

Project Description
The website will be designed to provide the audience with the most comprehensive look at the memory of African-American soldiers possible. Explanatory text will accompanying the documents, a with more general information the roles African-Americans played during the Civil War, and a resources page where users can find a bibliography and links to more information about the subject. All these documents will be scanned and uploaded as digital documents.
To complete work on this project, a project manager, a cataloger and a web developer will be needed. Each staff person will execute separate duties to ensure work is completed efficiently and thoroughly. The project manager will focus on overseeing the synthesis of each aspect of the project and facilitate communication between the two other staffers. The cataloger will work on encoding and organizing the data enclosed in the documents. A web developer will work on uploading the electronic documents and
Costs incurred by this project will include the salaries of all three staffers which will be determined by the length of the project which is expected to last approximately a year. After this period, the project manager will remain on staff to manage the website, contracting a web developer to troubleshoot technological issues as needed.

Project Management

Type of Work
To start, the Project Manager must secure publishing rights from Tamiment Library/Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives at Elmer Holmes Bobst Library before work begins. Simultaneously, the Project Manager will go through each document suggested for digitization in order to confirm the final list of documents to be selected. When this is decided upon, the Project Manager and Web Developer will commence scanning documents.

At this point, the documents will be transcribed by the Project Manager. The Project Manager will review these transcriptions twice for accuracy before moving on to working with the Cataloger. Upon completion of transcription, the Project Manager and Cataloger will work together to create a set of metadata that best suits the documents. Both the Project Manager and the Cataloger will check the documents’ data and transcriptions for accuracy.

Once all these steps have been completed, all three project staffers will work on uploading these digital texts to the site. When this is completed, each staffer will work on troubleshooting the site at least once.

Please see below for an outline version of this workplan.
Project Staff
• Project Manager/Source Analyst
• Data Entry Technician
• Cataloger
• Website Technician
Software/Hardware needed:
• Scanner
• Storage devices
1) Scan documents
• Documents will be scanned in NYU Library
2) Catalogue and organize scans
• Store electronic version of scans using CD writer barring availability of network storage space
• Code text using metadata standards to easily assist search functions
• Check for completeness
• Check for accuracy
3) Transcribe documents
• Check for completeness
• Check for accuracy
4) Mount digital text to site
• Conduct runthrough of site
• Troubleshoot any problems encountered

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