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Project description and selection policy

The Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Photographic Collection (5.5 linear feet) includes photographic prints, slides, and negatives of American volunteers in Spain during the Spanish Civil War.

A little about the collection from the collection's finding aid:

"The collection is comprised mostly of images of American volunteers in Spain during the Spanish Civil War, including portraits, group shots, and battlefield scenes; it also includes images of demonstrations, support activities and commemorative events in the United States… U.S. men and woman who had volunteered for service in the Spanish Civil War joined together as the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade (VALB) in December 1937 upon their return from Spain. The organization adopted a constitution and a formal structure in 1939. VALB originally assisted wounded veterans and sought to awaken the U.S. public to the significance of the Spanish Civil War and the Loyalist cause. In later years, VALB campaigned strenuously against the Franco regime in Spain and addressed other political issues, including U.S. policy in World War II and later, in Cuba, Nicaragua and Vietnam."

Patrons and staff frequently access the collection, and the photographs are constantly being scanned and photocopied at the Wagner Labor Archives. Digitizing the collection would aid in a variety of services in regards to access, preservation, reproduction, and institutional outreach programs. It is necessary to digitize all 1,850 black and white photographs, 91 color photographs, and 204 negatives. The subjects of interest to the researcher are often about individual veteran stories; therefore selecting particular photos for digitization over others is not a practical policy for this particular collection. For the project, I do not wish to make curatorial or conceptual decisions about the nature of the documents. I am solely interested in increasing their access, preservation, and potential outreach possibilities for the institution.

Link to the VALB Photo Collection Finding Aid

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